Server Hardware

Our main data centre is in the London based Redbus house which is one of Europe’s best server housing environments. It is used by most of the UK’s major ISP and is very well respected and considered the best in the UK.

Below is an example specification from one of our servers:

3.0 Ghz Pentium 4 Processor - One of the fastest processors available on the market today. Used by many home users but works also very well in a server configuration and gives amazing performance.
3 GB DDR RAM - This is the memory of the system where web pages and scripts are stored when being used. With a server, a large amount of memory is needed. This is why we have 3 GB of RAM and also use DDR for maximum speed to make the system run as fast as possible.
RAID 5 Disk Array - We use Serial ATA RAID 5 disk arrays to protect your data against hard disk failures, and allows us to offer our users generous web space allowances. This also improves performance making the server run smoothly and your sites run as fast as possible.
Dual Gigabit (1000Mbit) network card - Having Gigabit network cards is a feature not seen on many servers, and is used by us to allow maximum data transfer for amazing performance.